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Tricare West & Tricare Prime Approved Therapist

For many years I have worked with active-duty and retired military service members and their families helping them successfully navigate the unique challenges presented by their service to our country. As a daughter of a Vietnam veteran and with many military family members and friends, I am here to help you and your family. I am a Tricare West and Tricare Prime approved provider and, with authorization, many of my patients have low to no deductible and low to no copays.

Active-duty and retired military service members and their families are a unique population with unique challenges. I understand those challenges and have helped many families and individuals navigate their way to a more peaceful and satisfying life.

During deployment or 24/7 duty, separation can take a toll on the whole family.

  • Marital relationships can become strained due to lack of time together which make communication and maintaining a connection challenging.
  • Children can act out their sadness at missing a parent with angry or defiant behaviors.
    Their sadness can also manifest itself in depression or anxiety or problems in school.
  • The spouse who is home and acting as a single parent can find themselves also feeling depressed or anxious or overwhelmed.
  • PTSD and other military service-related conditions can be confusing and families often struggle to stay healthy and intact.

When your loved one returns from deployment sometimes it is hard because you have become used to handling everything on your own and doing it your way. While you may be happy they are home, it can be hard adjusting to having them around again. This can cause stress for everyone in the family.

Military retirees and those completing their enlistment contracts may struggle with the transition to civilian life. There are often identity issues and high rates of depression. Trouble connecting in a meaningful way with family members after military service is another common problem.

You have given years of your life to protect this great country and for that, we are ever grateful as a nation. If you or your family is in need of care, seek it out so that you can all live more satisfying and peaceful lives together. Don’t wait to get help.

“I don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom” 
― General George S. Patton

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