Therapy for Coronavirus

We’re all in this together

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Are you seeking therapy for Coronavirus related mental health challenges and coping skills including therapy for Coronavirus related anxiety…Therapy for Coronavirus related depression…Therapy for Coronavirus related couples communication/conflict resolution challenges…Therapy for Coronavirus related parenting challenges now that your kids are home 24 hours a day for an indefinite amount of time or Coronavirus related stress? There are tools available to help you navigate these mental health and relationship challenges with greater ease.

Mental Health Side Effects
The Coronavirus does not just cause flu-like symptoms. The social distancing policy wisely recommended by the CDC can have profound mental health side effects such as Coronavirus related anxiety, depression and relationship challenges.  It is important to minimize collateral damage to your mental health and relationships during these uncharted times. We are all in this together and as such, I have opened up my practice to allow for new clients who may face many of the stressors below.  We can and will get through this together.

Possible Stressors
Coronavirus stressors include:

  • Suddenly having to work from home
  • Children, teens and college students home from
    school 24 hours a day
  • Spouses/partners present 24 hours a day
  • Disruption of our normal habits, hobbies, workout
  • Anxiety about finances
  • Concerns about the health of those we love,
    especially those in vulnerable populations
  • What the future will bring
  • Exacerbation of previous underlying mental health
    and relationship challenges

All of these stressors can result in heightened anxiety, depression, relationship challenges with communication/conflict resolution and parenting challenges. Emotions are running high during these unique times. Change and disruption of our normal routines can be difficult and may amplify feelings. Being in close quarters with children, teens and our partners can spark conflicts and contribute to problematic dynamics. Too much of a good thing, is still too much.

Therapy Available
I am available to give you cognitive-behavioral and solution-oriented tools to help you navigate your way through these troubling times.  We can meet virtually via phone, Zoom video conference or Face Time. I am also seeing clients in my private office (no waiting room) until the CDC recommends otherwise. I adhere to all the CDC guidelines for social distancing in my office. If you or a loved one needs some tools to help you get through the challenges associated with the Coronavirus, please feel free to email, text or call me to set up an appointment.  I accept all PPO insurances and FSA/HSA and I will bill your insurance for you.

We’ll Get Through This
Please remember to take care of yourselves and the ones you love.  Be gentle with yourselves and patient with others.  Make good use of the extended time together, call and chat with those you love more than usual. Binge-watch tv, read good books, try out new recipes, take naps, pet your animal, play board games with your kids, clean out the clutter you’ve been meaning to get to, look at old photos and take long baths.  Be grateful we live in a country where all these things are possible. I’m here and we can navigate through these challenging times together.



Excerpted from Public Health Services – County of San Diego.