Couples & Relationships

Good relationships don’t just happen.
They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.
I can teach you how to create and maintain long-lasting, positive relationships.

We are not born with the skill sets needed to have healthy and productive relationships based on friendship, trust, respect and intimacy. These are learned skills. I have studied relationship dynamics extensively and have helped many couples restore the balance in their relationships. The majority of relationship conficts revolve around sex, communication and finances. By decreasing toxic patterns of communication, you can navigate your way to a more loving, respectful and need-based relationship with your loved one.

Pre-marital counseling is much like checking under the hood of a car before buying it. In pre-marital counseling we look at all the different relationship dynamics at play in a long-term relationship. Couples are encouraged to share and explore their constructs of commitment, parenting, finances, sex, communication and their future hopes and dreams. Tools are provided to ensure healthy conflicts and compromise for a lifetime of connectedness and friendship.

Healthy Relationship Workshop Goals

  • revive and improve their relationship and connectedness
  • increase intimacy, affection and respect
  • create more understanding and empathy
  • learn productive and less toxic methods of communication